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When I first decided to do digital electronics I have to say I wasn’t exactly thrilled at the prospect but knew it was simply an area I had to address.   I didn’t feel I gained enough background knowledge of the subject matter in ED217 and so this time I decided to do more in-depth research to find out what digital electronics is and what it comprises off and what it actually looks like.  This gave me a good base to actually understand the components I was working with and how they were going to function in my circuits.  By using prototyping boards it has certainly been beneficial to the learning process as I have been able to plug in and play with chips and discrete components and create my own fault finding processes when the circuits have not worked.  This too has been an area I have improved in as I have been able to learn how to use the multimeter effectively to test circuits but also use it to visually see how components such as capacitors are working in the circuit.  I have created functioning circuits on circuit wizard and in real life and improved my construction skills by completing a working commercial module, and although I can become a little unstuck still, I can identify why I am having the problems and rectify them.  I stated that I needed to gain knowledge which I have but also apply the knowledge also to show competence which again I feel I have addressed.  The area was to design basic  digital circuits and on a basic level I feel I have achieved the competence required to know what I’m doing when moving into schools next year.  I do however appreciate that the subject is vast and there are still things that I could learn to create more complex solutions.  I feel a lot more confident in the subject and as such feel competent although perhaps I could have done more external fault finding rather than just fault find the circuits I was producing.  All in all I feel satisfied but still feel I have more to offer in different areas of design technology.

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