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4000 Series IC’s

The 4000 series is a large group of industry standard integrated circuits.  In the past they were known not to operate at as fast speeds as other popular chips at the time however they did use a lot less power consumption, and they had the ability to work over a larger range of voltages as well as having a simpler circuit design.  Their slower speed did limit them to static or slow speed designs but the series was extended in the late 1970s and 1980s to include new types of chip which implemented new or more greatly integrated functions or were better versions of existing chips in the series. Most of these newer chips were given 45xx and 45xxx designations, but are usually still regarded by engineers as part of the 4000 series. 

 The 4000 series IC have been used in space satellites for numerous decades and even into the new millenium  people building satellites still use 4000 series integrated circuits in their manufacture so they still have a major part to play in digital circuitry.  The series itself is huge and so for future reference I have found this usefel website that lists a few of the more popular 4000 series chips as well as some of their general characteristics.  It is also a useful aid to advise me on what sort of circuits I can create across this module to show competence.


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