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What is a digital circuit?

Before I learn how to design a digital circuit I need to get a greater understanding of what a digital circuit actually is:

A digital circuit is a circuit that functions on a number of different logic gates. The logic gates differentiate power signals. The power signals are then transferred to different parts of the digital circuit through other gates to create an output signal directly pertinent to the energy level at the moment of signal input.

Most digital circuits are comprised mainly of smaller analog components that, because of the logic gate occurrence, only operate within a certain frame of voltages. Usually these operate at extremely low voltage signals. Digital circuits also require that the analog components located throughout the circuit not be placed in a manner that will allow them to perform analog functions. This usually means there is a logic gate both before and after the analog component. http://www.wisegeek.com

Well this seems like a straight forward answer to the question of what is a digital circuit,  however it poses numerous questions in it’s answer.  The first being what is a logic gate? And what are analog components?

The basis for this section is for me to become competent in basic digital circuit design and in this instance I need to strip a digital circuit back to basics to fully understand the components and processes involved before I begin to attempt to design them.  Please see the sections ‘logic gates’ and ‘components’.

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